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We Wish You a Fun and SAFE HALLOWEEN!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Tonight's forecast for north Metro Atlanta calls for temps starting in the mid 50s and dipping down to the low 40s--warm enough to get out and do some trick-or-treating, cold enough that the kids won't want to stay out forever :)

That said, here are some tips from our good friends at the CDC to keep your kids safe while they're walking through the neighborhood. We strongly encourage you to take a look at this list carefully and share any relevant information with your children.

Have a Heart-Healthy Halloween!

All across metro Atlanta next Monday night, bags full of candy will be toted home, ready to be devoured. On the night of a holiday known for sugary snacks, is there a practical way to keep you and your family heart healthy? We think so. Check out this video for great to see dietician Amy Tella gives you tips for trick-or-treating, and Chef Clarence Whitfield shows you some fun, heart-healthy dishes to make for your Halloween party!

Support Breast Cancer, Win Pink G-Braves Jersey

Breast cancer is a subject that's very important to us here at GMC. We take it so seriously, in fact, that we built and recently opened the Gwinnett Breast Center just for these very special patients.

With that said, we won't stop celebrating breast cancer awareness and survivorship just because October is coming to a close. As a grand finale to the month, we want to give away a pink Gwinnett Braves jersey, autographed by the entire team--including Atlanta Braves' all-star catcher Brian McCann!

Know Your BMI? Calculate It.

Do you know your BMI? You should!

BMI, which stands for body mass index, is calculated from a person's height and weight. If your BMI is high, meaning that you weigh more than you should for your height, you are at risk:

Early Detection Saves Lives

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and GMC is proud to support such an important initiative to save lives and spread the word about the importance of having a yearly mammogram. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, but the good news is that with early detection, the 5-year survival rate for early stage diagnosis is 98%.  Early detection is the key to preventing and successfully treating breast cancer, so it is important to know the facts about screenings.

GMC's Glad it's Glad Season Again

GMC is the official healthcare provider of the Gwinnett Gladiators. At each game, one of our highly trained, certified athletic trainers, Dani Ellis, is on the sidelines and ready to spring into action if a Gladiator is injured. We are very excited about the home opener this Friday at the Gwinnett Arena and look forward to seeing them defeat the Greenville Road Warriors.

Concussions: More Common Than You May Think

According to the CDC, about 200,000 people in the United States suffer concussions while playing sports every year. About 85% of those go unrecognized.

GMC Nurses Dance to Raise Money for ACS

Have you seen this amazing video--choreographed, filmed, edited and submitted completely by our clinical associates? It's set to the tune of Pink's Raise Your Glass and has been viewed by more than 20,000 viewers across the globe!

5 Reasons All Runners Should Cross-Train


Free Breakfast, Physician Panel and LOTS of Pink

Oftentimes, women can focus so much on the health of those around them that they neglect their own. That's why GMC has created a morning of health and beauty just for women.

Ruth Ann Makes Jump, Statement

GMC's 80-year-young volunteer Ruth Ann Chapin jumped out of an airplane so that you might know a little more about the importance of philanthropy and the GMC Foundation's Legacy Circle. Don't you think you owe it to her to at least watch her video? :)

Letter From Phil: Breast Cancer

It's October! That means many things to many people, but one thing it definitely means to all Americans is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is a time to honor those we’ve lost, support of those who are fighting right now and hope and pray for a day when breast cancer will no longer be something that women worry about.