Letter From Phil: Breast Cancer

It's October! That means many things to many people, but one thing it definitely means to all Americans is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October is a time to honor those we’ve lost, support of those who are fighting right now and hope and pray for a day when breast cancer will no longer be something that women worry about.

Below is a letter from our president and CEO regarding the breast cancer and what GMC is doing to fight this disease in our community:


More than 250,000 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone, so whether it is your mother, your grandmother, your friend or even yourself, you know someone who has been stricken by this terrible disease.

Because of the prevalence of this disease, we are proud to introduce the Gwinnett Breast Center, a program that provides individualized care with a patient-centered approach. The foundation of our program is a dynamic interdisciplinary team of dedicated breast imagers, pathologists, referring providers, surgeons, specialty-trained technologists, nurses and navigators. This team comes together to provide women with timely, modern and compassionate care for breast health.

Our patient-centered approach optimizes the process for mammogram call-back appointments. From abnormal mammogram through treatment and follow-up, the navigator program facilitates the patient’s coordination of care. Patients requiring additional imaging studies receive a phone call from a call-back scheduler within three business days of their screening exam.

If a biopsy is recommended, patients have the benefit of working with an Access Navigator. The navigator is a member of the imaging team who assists the patient with appointments and ensures that services are obtained in a timely manner. This process is designed to ease the patient anxiety and facilitate the coordination of the multiple aspects of follow-up care.

The Access Navigator will assist the patient in scheduling appointments with our network of participating surgeons offering same-day appointments for biopsies. This reduces the cycle time from abnormal finding to a breast specialist consult.

If you or someone you know needs more information about our breast care navigation program, please give us a call 678-312-2197 (Lawrenceville & Hamilton Mill) or 678-312-7621 (Duluth).

While my hope is that you never need to call these numbers, please know that we are here to help in anyway we can should you ever need us.

Phil Wolfe, FACHE
President and CEO, Gwinnett Medical Center

*This letter was originally published in the fall issue of GMC's Vim & Vigor magazine.


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