Take. The. Pledge!

At Gwinnett Medical Center, we're committed to transforming healthcare and assisting you in living a healthier lifestyle. By making a few small changes, like increasing physical activity, managing stress and eating a healthier diet, you can dramatically reduce your risk for developing heart disease and stroke...plus you will look and feel GREAT!

But many of us need some extra motivation, so to help you get started with your healthy transformation, GMC encourages you to Take the Pledge for a Healthy Heart! By doing so, you'll receive a free GMC pedometer and automatically be entered into a monthly raffle for an iPod Nano!

On the Take the Pledge page, you'll find helpful information from the American Heart Association about a variety of heart healthy topics. It's an initiative from GMC and 11Alive to promote a healthier lifestyle in our community.

What do you think? What are you and your family doing to live a healthier lifestyle?


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