Give the Gift of Self

During the holidays most of our time is consumed with parties, traveling, shopping and trying to maintain some since of normalcy. So without realizing it, a time that should be filled with happiness and joy can become stressful and overwhelming. That being said, we need to remember to set aside time to take care of ourselves. 

5 things to keep yourself healthy this holiday season:

1. Rest up. Get plenty of sleep. Take a hot bath before bed to calm your nerves.
2. Order in. There’s nothing wrong with takeout once in a while.
3. Switch to tea. Coffee makes people hyper, but green and passionflower tea are de-stressors.
4. Don’t give to everyone. You don’t have to buy gifts for everyone, so cross that cousin you haven’t seen in years off your list.
5. Take a walk. Exercising and being out in the sun every day will do wonders.


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