Don't Suffer from Hemorrhoid Pain

For many of us, our knowledge about hemorrhoids and treatment options are limited to a tube of Preparation H. Truth is, we need to be more familiar with this common condition. More than half of all Americans will develop hemorrhoids—and the accompanying pain and discomfort—at some time in their lives. That’s why GMC physicians are using state-of-the-art procedures and are creating new technologies to help patients remove or reduce their hemorrhoids. GMC’s David Armstrong, MD, one of the region’s leaders in hemorrhoid treatment, invented the TriView anoscope, which allows visualization of three internal hemorrhoids at the same time as opposed to one. With TriView, hemorrhoid treatment becomes quicker, easier and more accurate.

Short Shot TriView Anoscope
In a procedure called rubber band ligation, the most widely used treatment for internal
hemorrhoids, a rubber band is placed around the base of the hemorrhoid, which cuts off circulation and leaves the hemorrhoid to wither away in a few days. Patients have less discomfort, require fewer medications and experience improved results with this method versus other conventional methods. Rubber band ligation does not require a hospital stay, letting you get back to your regular routine sooner.

When over-the-counter medications aren’t relieving your hemorrhoids, come see
the experts at GMC. Visit


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