Pain, Pain Go Away

Enduring pain from an injury or strain is bad enough. But what if you had to endure pain that seemingly had no cause at all? Chronic pain sufferers are often told that their condition is “all in their head,” but as those who live with it will tell you, it’s very real and very difficult to deal with.

Chronic pain is basically pain that doesn’t fall into the category of acute pain. Acute pain is targeted, such as pain after surgery. But the cause of chronic pain may not be identifiable and can persist for months or even years. It generally isn’t relieved by standard medications. It’s believed more and more to be a disease in itself. So what causes chronic pain? Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer. It’s sometimes associated with an initial injury or illness, such as a back sprain, ear infection or cancer. But many times, chronic pain persists without a known reason. It often presents itself as lower back pain, but it can affect any area of the body. Chronic pain can have detrimental, long-term effects on both the mind and body.

If you suffer from chronic pain, rest assured that treatment is available, and there are options. Medication—including anti-inflammatory medications, antidepressants and even seizure medication—as well as electrical stimulation and surgery have been found to offer relief. The National Institute on Health are exploring the effectiveness of relaxation techniques and acupuncture in conjunction with pharmacologic treatments.

If you our someone you love is suffering from chronic pain, it is important to seek medical help. GMC's Pain Management Center is committed to maximizing comfort and minimizing chronic pain. They work with each patient to develop an individualized pain treatment plan. Remember help is out there!


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