6 Things to Help Allergy Suffers

You can hear the sniffling and sneezing everywhere you go. Not to mention the cloud of yellow that covers everything from buildings, to sidewalks, to your car. We're only a few days into spring, and for many it is already almost unbearable, because if you are an allergy suffer record high pollen count means trouble. So what's an allergy sufferer to do?

  1. Leave the windows up in the car and down in the home, even on nice days like we've been seeing lately. Use the air conditioner instead. 
  2. Take baths and change your clothes if you've spent a lot of time outside to wash off the pollen. Wash your hands and your face often if you can't take a bath. 
  3. Wash pets after they've come in from outside. They've been rolling in the allergens while playing in the yard or walking through the park. 
  4. Over the counter medications like Claritin and Zyrtec work well. Take those if you have symptoms and need relief. 
  5. If the OTC medications don't work, see a doctor. An allergist can prescribe a steroid nasal spray or allergy shots. 
  6. Consider sinus surgery. When everything else fails, this may be the solution for you. Click here to read a post about Balloon Sinuplasty, which uses a small, flexible, balloon to open up blocked sinus passageways, restoring normal sinus drainage and function.


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