Traditional Knee Replacement vs. Personalized Knee Implant

 Every year, approximately 581,000 knee replacement procedures are performed across the United States. The procedure is designed to help those suffering from arthritis and other forms of knee pain that can inhibit everyday life and keep them from doing what they love. Sometimes medication and changes in activity level aren’t enough. If that is the case, a total knee replacement procedure at Gwinnett Medical Center –Duluth can offer a long-term solution.

The pain associated with knee replacement ranges from moderate to severe. Knee pain can occur during rest or times of activity. Total knee replacement surgery is a viable option for people suffering from a variety of symptoms including: severe knee pain that limits everyday activities, moderate or severe knee pain during rest, chronic swelling and inflammation that does not improve with rest or medications, lack of pain relief from anti-inflammatory medications and an inability to bend and completely straighten the knee.
The procedure is not limited to a specific age; symptoms like these occur in all age groups. As a matter of fact, an orthopedic surgeon bases the recommendation for surgery on a patient’s disability and pain, not age.
While total knee replacement provides individuals with one solution, it is not the only one. Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth offers a variety of alternatives including a more personalized approach that does not involve total joint replacement. A patient that chooses this procedure will receive a personalized implant that resurfaces the joint instead of replacing it.
The personalized implant offers unique advantages versus the traditional knee replacement procedure. It is patient-specific, meaning the implant is tailored specifically to the patient’s needs and offers a fit unique to the patient’s individual size and shape. The implant provides a natural, anatomic feel and alignment. The procedure can be less invasive than traditional knee replacement, and patients often experience a faster recovery.
Whether it’s total knee replacement or a personalized implant, the decision to have surgery should be made by the patient, their family and their orthopedic surgeon. And when the decision is made, Gwinnett Medical Center-Duluth will be ready to help.
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