It's Your Knee. Keep It That Way.

People vary in more ways than gender, race and size. This is especially important when considering the best treatment for your knee osteoarthritis. The iTotal is designed to fit your anatomy and only your anatomy so you can get back to doing what you love. 

The ConforMIS iTotal (the "i" stands for individualized) is a patient-specific knee implant intended for use as a total knee replacement for patients with knee joint and disability. The iTotal is appropriate for patients of any age whose conditions cannot be solely addressed by the use of an implant designed to treat only one or two of the three knee compartments.

The iTotal implant is designed to fit your anatomy

Combining proven total knee replacement (TKR) principles with the unique advantages of a ConforMIS patient-specific knee system, ConforMIS has developed the only personalized total knee replacement implant designed to conform precisely to your own unique anatomy. The ConforMIS approach is based on the principal that because people vary in more ways than gender, race and size, so should their implant. ConforMIS implants are personalized to fit your knee and only your knee.

Personalized implants offer unique advantages versus traditional knee replacement. Because each ConforMIS implant is designed specifically for you, the implants have articulating surfaces that better match your natural shape. Traditional knee replacements offer "off the shelf" implants in a limited range of sizes making it necessary for a surgeon to make sizing compromises during surgery. Because your ConforMIS implant is designed to fit only your knee, sizing compromises common with traditional implants are eliminated. Traditional knee replacements require the surgeon to cut bone during surgery in order to fit your anatomy to the "off the shelf" sized implants. ConforMIS designs the implant to fit your anatomy therefore allowing the surgeon to preserve as much of your bone as possible.

iTotal CR Features:

  • Made for each individual, based on their anatomy
  • No sizing compromises common with traditional non-personalized implants
  • Implants that better match your natural shape
  • More bone preservation than traditional total knee replacement procedures
  • Designed to restore the natural shape of your knee
  • More bone preservation allows for potential treatment options in the future
In a commitment to continue to transform healthcare for our patients, we offer this revolutionary  treatment option, and our specialty-trained orthopedic surgeons are here to help you get back to what you love. GMC offers comprehensive joint care that includes knee and hip replacements. To learn more about iTotal, visit


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