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Special Delivery: Fast-acting Doctors Employ The Latest Neonatal Technology To Save A Couple’s Baby

Over the years, some physicians develop an additional sense. Like an internal navigator, this sense, or intuition, is felt very deep in the gut. Skill, time and confidence condition the sense, which can be a powerful force in changing and, at times, saving lives. Neonatologist Leslie Leigh, M.D., has a self-awareness and intuition that is pervasive. These characteristics, along with technology at Gwinnett Medical Center’s Gwinnett Women’s Pavilion, came to the aid of a Duluth family whose son was born with insufficient oxygen to the brain. On a cool, fall night in 2010, Dr. Leigh was at GMC, packing for home. But because he lingered that particular day, he was on hand for an emergency delivery.

Lean On Me: When Your Partner Is Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer

Hearing that your spouse has prostate cancer is scary and perplexing. But you can get through it—together. Knowing exactly how you can help is half the battle. Here are some
ways you can support your partner.