Five Reasons To Call On The All-digital Mobile Mammography Unit

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, GMC would like to encourage women to get their mammograms, and GMC is making it easy by bringing our all-digital mobile mammography van to women at local churches, businesses and out and about in the community. 

Driving around the metro Atlanta area over the last 15 years, you may have seen Gwinnett Medical Center’s mobile mammography Care-a-Van parked at businesses and community centers. If you have not had the chance to see what GMC is up to, here are five reasons you should use the Care-a-Van mammography screening.

1. Convenience

The No. 1 benefit of the mobile mammography screening is that it goes where you already are! The Care-a-Van visits multiple organizations and corporations every week, including schools, small businesses, churches and senior centers. Your annual 20-minute screening can be done at many locations that may be close to—or at!—your work, school, library, synagogue or church. The Care-a-Van brings the service to you to ensure that you are getting the screenings you need, screenings that can and will save lives.

2. Quality
The radiologists who read images from the Care-a-Van are the same accredited professionals who serve at other Gwinnett Medical Center imaging facilities. Their American College of Radiology accreditation is testimony to their experience and ability to provide a calming, one-on-one environment where you will have the most accurate screening. The Care-a-Van’s mammography screening program also complies with the Mammography Quality Standards Act, signifying that all Care-a-Van mammography personnel, equipment and record-keeping practices comply with federal guidelines from the American College of Radiology.

3. Technology
GMC’s mobile mammography van is equipped with state-of- the-art, all-digital equipment. The advantages of digital mammography over traditional film mammography include shorter exams, less likelihood of retakes, lower doses of radiation and greater accuracy for women with dense breast tissue. Additionally, a digital image can be viewed by radiologists from their offices, homes or wherever they may be—granting faster turnaround times for results.

4. Cost
The Care-a-Van mammography screening is covered by most major insurance providers. A physician’s order for your mammogram is all you need to schedule your appointment. The exam cost is the same as an in-office visit, and there is a discount for patients paying with cash. Plus, because the Care-a-Van comes to you, you save time and gas.

5. Involvement
A woman’s risk for breast cancer increases with age. Every woman is at risk for developing breast cancer, but screening mammography can save lives by detecting it early. By scheduling your yearly mammogram on the Care-a-Van mobile mammography unit, you are demonstrating the importance of breast health education and helping Gwinnett Medical Center transform healthcare.

The Care-a-Van is giving many women convenient access to screening mammography. It is GMC’s goal to make this service fast and easy so that more women will get this lifesaving screening done each and every year. To find out how you can bring the Care-a-Van to your work, church or any local area or to find out where the Care-a -Van will be next, download our schedule at or call 678-312-4760.


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