13 Healthy Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

It’s the same year after year. As the holidays draw nearer and you have less time to shop, the chances of everyone on your list getting a fruitcake grow exponentially. But it doesn’t have to be that way this year. You can give colleagues, friends and loved ones personal presents they’ll love—and that promote good health.

For the busy mom
The best gift you can give a mom is some time to herself. Consider a spa gift certificate or a basket of bath products she can use at home, or a coupon for babysitting services (either yours or someone else’s).

For the nature lover
The best way to view flora and fauna is in its natural habitat. Encourage hiking with a walking stick (they come in all types of designs and materials), a water backpack or, for the techie, a GPS device.

For the whole family
Video games are at the top of nearly every kid’s wish list. And they don’t have to create solitary screen zombies anymore. Get a system that encourages family time and physical activity, such as the Nintendo Wii. The sports game that comes with the console includes boxing, bowling and tennis and offers hours of sweat-inducing fun.

For a teenager
Depending on his or her interests, consider an electronic jump rope, or a journal for therapeutic writing or drawing. Also, tickets to a sporting event or a gift card to a sporting goods store might inspire interest in a new activity.

For the sports enthusiast
Purchase a membership to a racquetball or sports club, or fund a session with a personal trainer.

For the fitness fanatic
Order him or her a subscription to a fitness magazine. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Or how about a heart rate monitor? This device has proven to be the best way for exercisers to ensure they’re working out optimally; new models even create workout programs specifying how much, how long and how hard to exercise to reach your fitness goals.

For the serially stressed professional
Stress definitely takes its toll this time of year. Help someone slow down and de-stress with a yoga mat and an instructional DVD to relax in privacy at home.

For the foodie
Give him or her a kitchen gadget that helps reduce the amount of fat needed in recipes, such as an indoor grill, nonstick cookware or a wok. For the cooking impaired, give gift certificates to restaurants that serve healthy dishes.

For a child
Today’s toys are all about accessories. So give a child accessories for his or her active toys to generate new excitement. For instance, give cool decals for a skateboard, a bell or horn for a bike, or a new helmet or protective pads in a fun pattern or color.

For the perpetual dieter
Everyone knows at least one person who’s always on a diet. Help set him or her straight once and for all with a gift certificate for a consultation with a nutritionist.

For the music lover
Music makes a workout session much more enjoyable—and makes you work longer. Buy the music lover on your list an armband that holds an iPod to use while exercising or CDs with up-tempo tunes no one can resist dancing to.

For the do-it-yourselfer
Unintentional home injuries account for more than 21 million hospital visits a year, according to the Home Safety Council. Help protect the handyman or –woman on your list with safety items such as protective goggles, work gloves or a stepstool.

For the person who has everything
Some people on your list don’t want—or need—anything. Consider making donations in their names to your local hospital or a charity they support. 


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