7 Tips to Jazz Up Your H2O

The new year often ushers in the desire to have better habits, so with that in mind, the single most effective thing you can do to lose weight is to stop drinking sugary drinks. Most of us know that starts with soda, but did you know that juice is just as bad? 
Try trading your biggest sugar offender drink for water. Read 7 tips for some ideas on how to jazz up your H2O. 

Juice can have almost exactly the same sugar content as soda. For example:

• 12 oz. of Coke has 10 tsp. of sugar.
• 12 oz. of apple juice or grape juice has 10 tsp. of sugar.
• 12 oz. of orange juice has 8 tsp. of sugar.

To make matters worse our bodies don’t recognize calories in the same way when they come as liquids, so we don’t feel as full and we continue to consume more. Below are 7 tips that can help you spice up you water.

  • Add sliced cucumbers and mint.
  • The standby slices of lemon, lime, orange or even grapefruit really make a difference.
  • Add a peppermint or green tea bag (or both!).
  • Mix in some slices of fresh ginger.
  • Try any combination of the above!
  • Make or buy unsweetened iced tea and mix in some raspberries or a few slices of frozen mango.
  • Purchase unflavored seltzer water and add a splash of natural cranberry juice and a lime.
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