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His & Hers: How Our Hearts Differ

“His and hers.” It’s a quaint phrase that evokes images of a prim pair of hand towels, which are alike except for the monogrammed initial. Or a pair of gold watches, one chunky and the other slender. Outdated as it may be, the phrase has relevance when it comes to caring for something that men and women both have and depend on—their hearts. Men’s and women’s hearts are essentially the same (like those towels), but there are ways in which they are strikingly different (like the watches). Here are five ways men and women are similar and different when it comes to heart disease as well as tips for what women can do to protect themselves from it.

Do-It-Yourself Safely

To save money or test your creativity, you may consider tackling more home improvement projects yourself. Whether you’re painting a room or building a porch, it’s important to follow certain safety guidelines. More than 330,000 emergency room visits a year are due to injuries involving home workshop equipment, according to the Home Safety Council. Follow these important safety tips:

Work Week Eats: Meal Ideas for the Week

Monday night you’re tired, Wednesday you’re on the go, and Friday night you’re ready to celebrate the weekend. Wouldn’t it be nice if your dinner menu moved with the rhythm of your week? With a little planning, it can. Here’s a guide to what to eat during the workweek.

New Knees, Happy Hips

Modern joint replacement techniques provide major benefits. Like most people who’ve had a hip or knee replacement—which replaces an arthritic or damaged joint with an artificial implant—many patients will tell you that they feel more mobile than they have in years. Learn about some of the latest advancements.

Get Fit For Less

Everything from apples to arcade games is more expensive these days. So while we're busy making ends meet on the can’t-live-without basics, we may cut out more luxurious expenses: daily lattes, weekly manicures and monthly gym memberships. So in the spirit of saving, here are seven tips to get you thinking outside the gym.

Notable African-Americans in Medical History

In honor of Black History Month, GMC recognizes the many medical contributions made by African-Americans. Learn about the influential medical contributions made by African-Americans and complete the word search for more educational fun. S  T  R  Q  T  D  V  M  K  E  M  C  F  V  D  H  U  M  E  R  Y  E  P  O  M  L  H  B  R  Q  N  N  L  A  H  H  M  Q  E  A  X  D  E  G  Q  I  A  W  L  A  C  J  C  V  H  D  W  E  E  P  W  O  E  R  I  L  T  X  P  R  K  R  S  R  P  H  M  R  D  V  V  I  A  Y  E  W  U  E  V  S  C  Y  Q  N  G  V  A  O  S  D  O  B  P  W  L  F  G  L  H  D  G  F  N  C  H  W  E  A  A  Z  C  R  U 

Take That Relationship Self-Help Book Advice to Heart, Literally

You tell yourself you’re just going to your local bookstore to look at the newest heart-health advice books when you find yourself wandering into the self-help section. The titles call out to you— Love Yourself, Love Him! , Speak Your Heart and the Rest Will Follow . Hey, it’s OK. The funny thing is, that relationship advice you’re reading is more applicable to your heart than you realize. One might say that heart attacks, which someone suffers about every 25 seconds in the U.S., are just as common as broken hearts. Reduce your risk by treating your heart right.

The Facts About Cataracts

Fact: Cataracts affect nearly 22 million Americans age 40 and older. A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that occurs in people as they age. Common symptoms of cataracts include cloudy, blurry or faded vision, glare or frequent eyeglass prescription changes. You may also experience double vision, or multiple images in one eye. Learn more about detection and your treatment options.

One Week to a Happier Heart

One in three American adults is estimated to have at least one form of cardiovascular disease. That’s a staggering statistic, but by adding these five tasks to your workweek to-do list, you can help your heart on its way to a lifetime of good health.