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Ready, Set, Run! Tips To Channel Your Inner Olympian

If you’ve always wanted to callyourself a runner, the time isnow. It’s easy to start a running routine. It’s relatively inexpensive, you don’t need high-tech equipment, you can do it almost anywhere, and you don’t have to learn special techniques—after all, you already know how to run.
To get you started, we answer some top questions about how to begin a running program and how to best protect your joints from injury during exercise.

Finding It Hard To Stick To Your Healthy Resolutions? Learn Tips To Stay On Track

Because you’re human, you’ve probably been here before: You decide to adopt a new healthy habit and you hit the ground running, only to find your athletic shoes (literal or metaphorical) gathering dust soon after.
It happens to everyone, so don’t beat yourself up. Try these tips for overcoming some common stumbling blocks.

Do You Know Stroke? Test Your Knowledge

In the past, a stroke was like a lightning bolt out of the blue: unpredictable, unpreventable, untreatable and devastating. But today, researchers know that many “brain attacks” can be prevented by controlling certain risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. It also spells trouble if you smoke cigarettes, pack on too many pounds, drink too much and don’t exercise. Still, life can deal out other risk factors like an unlucky card hand, with age, ethnicity and heredity also playing a role in strokes.
Many of us are dangerously ignorant of the risk factors and warning signs of stroke. As the nation’s third leading cause of death (trailing heart disease and cancer) stroke leaves many survivors with lifelong disabilities. 
Take this quiz to find out what health issues could be putting you at risk and what you can do to protect yourself. Note each question that applies to you. Then, read on to learn more.

Considering Weight Loss Surgery? Watch Rhonda's Story

Rhonda lost 125 pounds with the help of advanced bariatric surgery. She's keeping it off with a lifetime of weight-loss support from Gwinnett Medical Center's Center for Surgical Weight Management

Your Encyclopedia of Breast Cancer Prevention

From apples to X-rays, here is all you need to know to prevent breast cancer.

Help Your Kids Get Fit

About one-third of all U.S. children are overweight. Why is that? Fewer kids were overweight in the past. But kids are less active now than they used to be. They spend more time in front of the TV and the computer. Also, parents have less time to plan and make healthy meals. All this makes kids (and adults) gain weight.

Stroke 101

Stroke is the third leading cause of death among Americans and the No. 1 cause of disability in adults. That’s the bad news. The good news is, 80 percent of strokes are preventable.