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8 Foods That Help Prevent Cancer

When you go grocery shopping, you may have several things on your mind—your schedule, your budget, your family’s tastes. But amid these pressing concerns, there’s a long-range benefit you may not be thinking about: preventing cancer.

Research continues to link certain compounds in foods to a lower risk of cancer. The science behind how these compounds do this is complex. One way to understand it is to realize that your body’s environment is affected by your dietary choices.
Read to learn eight foods that you should add to your grocery list.

5 Ways Women Can Avoid Heart Disease

The best way to avoid heart disease? Control risk factors.

Trying To Lose Weight? Cut 500 Calories Today

Looking to lose? Cutting 500 calories from your diet can be easier than you think. Check out these ideas:

4 Tips For Getting The Man In Your Life To The Doctor

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while 70 percent of American women had at least one doctor’s visit in a 12-month period, only 50 percent of men saw a doctor in the same period.
There is still a stereotype that real men should just tough it out when it comes to seemingly low-danger illness or injury. However, there’s a price to be paid for all that machismo.
If there’s a man in your life that you’d like to see live a lot longer, here are a few ways to get him to don a paper gown.

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Take Down Concussions

Every year in the United States, more than eight in ten sports-related concussions go unrecognized, putting the athlete at higher risk of long-term damage because of inadequate treatment.
While attention often focuses on concussions among professional football players, student athletes are at high risk as well. And it’s not just football players - girls’ soccer carries a high risk of concussion, followed by boys’ soccer and girls’ basketball.

Enjoy Your Season In The Sun And Still Play It Safe

As children, summertime meant endless outdoor fun. As teens, it meant sunbathing with baby oil, to ensure the darkest tan this side of Aruba. Fast-forward to adulthood, where a thinning ozone layer and a higher incidence of skin cancer have made us wary of enjoying sunlight. But while cancer is a serious concern, you don't have to become a summer shut-in. Use these tips to help you safely enjoy your season in the sun.

5 Tips To Keep You Active During The Summer

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, play a sport or just get out and play, it’s important to follow best practices when it comes to nutrition and hydration, especially in the summer. Here are some tips from the experts at Gwinnett Medical Center’s Sports Medicine Program:

Prevention Is Key! Learn Important Screening Guidelines For Every Age

Prevention is key to living long and living well. Getting preventive screenings and immunizations are among the most important things you can do for yourself. Take time to review these guidelines for screening tests and immunizations. Use the charts below to remind yourself of when you need to see your healthcare provider based on your personal health profile. Make an appointment today!