4 Tips For Getting The Man In Your Life To The Doctor

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while 70 percent of American women had at least one doctor’s visit in a 12-month period, only 50 percent of men saw a doctor in the same period.

There is still a stereotype that real men should just tough it out when it comes to seemingly low-danger illness or injury. However, there’s a price to be paid for all that machismo.

If there’s a man in your life that you’d like to see live a lot longer, here are a few ways to get him to don a paper gown.

Regular screenings and checkups are key to detecting diseases, especially later in life. Most screenings are painless and can detect potentially life-threatening conditions such as skin cancer, high blood pressure, testicular cancer and high cholesterol. 

  • Do It for the Family: Appealing to his sense of manliness and familial responsibility can be a great motivator. Remind him that the kids need him and that you need him for the long haul. One day at the doctor is simply the price of being so needed.
  • Make Wellness a Family Initiative: Let him know when you’re scheduling your own appointments for other family members and ask when he’s free to go in for his. By not singling out his need, you’re more likely to gain buy-in.
  • Remind Him of the Rewards: Many health conditions can have a negative impact on a man’s sexual performance. A simple reminder of this fact may be all the motivation he needs to schedule an appointment.
  • Encourage Better Bonding: Remind him that having a solid bond with his physician will be important later when he actually needs medical attention. A simple annual visit is a good way to start forging that relationship.

Hopefully all this gentle nudging will guide your man to making the right call (i.e. the one to the doctor). But if not, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment on his behalf and ask the doctor’s office to call and remind him of it. You could schedule your own checkup right before or after his, so you can stay healthy together.


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