5 Ways Women Can Avoid Heart Disease

The best way to avoid heart disease? Control risk factors.

“If women take ownership of their heart health, they can prevent the majority of heart attacks,” says Manfred Sandler, MD, medical director of cardiology at Gwinnett Medical Center.

Risk Factors:
  • Family history—Type a document listing family health history and store it on a flash drive for doctor appointments.
  • Blood pressure—A blood pressure cuff is an indispensable at-home tool.
  • Cholesterol—Eat foods that don’t have nutrition labels, vegetables being the most important.
  • Smoking—Quitting isn’t easy, but it is essential.
  • Waist circumference—Focus more on waist size than the numbers on the scale.

Learn more from GMC’s Strickland Heart Center. Visit gmcheart.com.


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