Trying To Lose Weight? Cut 500 Calories Today

Looking to lose? Cutting 500 calories from your diet can be easier than you think. Check out these ideas:

Food                                                                                                  Savings in calories
Eliminate one can of soda                                                                        150
Use skim milk instead of cream
 in your coffee                         40 (per 2 tablespoons)
Pass on the potato chips                                                                300 (per small bag)
Top pasta with marinara sauce instead of
 cream sauce                 120 (per cup)
Use light salad dressing instead of regular dressing                110 (per 2 tablespoons)
Choose unsweetened applesauce instead of sweetened                100 (per cup)

Need Help?
Let a registered dietitian help you devise a meal plan that works for you. Visit to learn more about the Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center or call 678-312-6040 to schedule an appointment. 


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