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Detecting Heart Disease Through A CT Scan

Gwinnett Medical Center's Imaging department is detecting heart disease with a simple CT Scan. Learn how.

Perform This Daily Countdown For a Good Night's Rest

Don’t let your bedtime routine sabotage the healthy efforts you’ve made all day. Instead, to get the best rest possible, grab your watch and perform this daily countdown until the lights go out.

Have No Fears: Debunking 6 Myths About Joint Replacement

If you’re facing joint replacement for the first time, you’re probably apprehensive, too. And that’s natural. But arming yourself with knowledge can help put your fears to rest.We put six common fears surrounding the procedure to rest.

Are You Doing More Harm Than Good: Some So Called Habits May Not Be Good After All

Sitcoms are riddled with story lines involving well-intentioned characters whose actions wreak havoc on the rest of the cast. Remember when Lucy tried to go a whole day without lying on I Love Lucy? She ended up alienating everyone around her with her good-natured honesty. Fortunately for Lucy, she realized the error of her ways in just 30 minutes. But in real life, we don’t always find clarity so easily. And sometimes our best intentions lead us to do more harm than good when it comes to our health.
Here are eight ways you might be sabotaging your health.

A Better Look Inside: New Ultrasound Technology Helps People Avoid Exploratory GI Surgery

As part of Gwinnett Medical Center’s commitment to provide patients with state-of-the-art care, the hospital system is now using the Olympus EUS EXERA to perform endoscopic ultrasound examinations for the diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of gastrointestinal ailments. If you suffer with symptoms of a digestive internal organ disorder, you may benefit from an endoscopic ultrasound examination. Learn more about this innovative treatment option.

Transforming Her Life For Good: Candea's Story

Watch Candea's story about how a gastric bypass performed at the Center for Surgical Weight Management at changed her life.  

To find out if bariatric surgery may be right for you, read more about your bariatric surgery options or view our online seminar.

Kid-Friendly Recipes For The Busy Mom

In all of the chaos of getting kids ready for school, after school activities and homework, you still can't escapee the inevitable question What's for dinner? We understand that you have more than one thing on your mid, so here are some great recipes for even the pickiest eater in your household. Visit

Survival Skills: Living With Cancer

You are a survivor. Cancer can deliver a one-two punch, but there are ways to lessen the blows. While the diagnosis can pack a wallop, the second blow—treatment—can be eased.

As others are cured or live for long periods free of the disease and research continues, certain life-maximizing practices have arisen. Here are some strategies for becoming a survivor.

What You Need To Know If You Suspect Your Child Has A Concussion

It’s a gut-wrenching feeling to see your child’s head smack the court after a fall in basketball or get elbowed in the temple by another kid charging the plate in baseball. And even if he or she doesn’t lose consciousness, any sign of a concussion should be taken seriously. Learn what you should do if you suspect a concussion.