Mammogram Makeover: A New Look At Mammograms

With these tips to take care of yourself, your exam doesn't have to be a bummer.

A fresh haircut and a pair of cute new shoes can uplift you instantly. You walk a little taller, smile a little wider. Put that feel-good makeover mentality into action when you think about your annual mammogram. You may not look forward to these screenings as much as your mani-pedi, but they can save your life.

You can’t skip the big M, but there are some ways to transform the way you think about the screening test.

“Mammograms are a pain and I just don’t have time.”

The X-rays themselves take only a few minutes, and it could save your life.
Cut down on wait time by asking for the first appointment of the day or the first after lunch. Don’t schedule your appointment during weeks you’re more likely to have breast tenderness. And take an over-the-counter pain reliever before your appointment to reduce sensitivity—any time of the month.

“I feel uncomfortable when I get a mammogram.”

Talk to the tech during the exam.
If you feel discomfort, can’t get into a certain position or the machine is too cold, speak up. A good tech will know tricks to get things done right. Breathe deeply or let that catchy tune that’s stuck in your head play at full volume. And remember, even if the compression hurts, it won’t last long. To reduce anxiety, schedule your mammogram at the same time as a gal pal. That way, if the tech sees anything unusual and asks you to stay for follow-up tests, you won’t be alone.

“The whole experience makes me stressed and anxious.”

Turn “mammogram day” into “me day.” Take the day off so you aren’t pressured about going back to work. Many women schedule their appointments on their birthday so they remember. Then go out and buy yourself a gift or have lunch with friends. Even if it’s not your birthday, reward yourself with a treat, such as a pretty new bra. 
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