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PrimeTime Health: January Fitness Classes

PrimeTime Health is Gwinnett Medical Center's program designed to meet the needs of people over age 50. This free membership includes a comprehensive network of valuable services, as well as discounted fitness classes.

January Classes At GMC

Gwinnett Medical Center offers classes for all stages of life, from sibling preparation to AARP safe driving courses for seniors. While you can browse all the classes offered by Gwinnett Medical Center at, here are a few of our most popular offerings for January 2014:

Foodie Friday: Family Favorite Taco Dip

Saturday (Dec. 28) is Card Playing Day, so take a break from holiday leftovers. Mix up some Family Favorite Taco Dip, gather the kids, shuffle some cards and deal them out. Family fun has never been so easy!
For more kid-friendly recipes, visit Gwinnett Medical Center on Pinterest.

Happy Holidays!

By Phil Wolfe, FACHE, President & CEO, Gwinnett Medical Center

During the holiday season, it’s natural to take stock of the year and to plan for the future. With milestones and awards, opportunities and challenges, our associates, physicians and volunteers at GMC have made this another strong year. Here are some of the year’s highlights:

Foodie Friday: Make Ahead Hot Chocolate Mix

In honor of Go Caroling Day (Dec. 20), here’s a recipe designed to warm up a crowd.

Since this hot chocolate mix stores well, get the kids involved and make it ahead of time – even if you don’t get carolers, you’ll be ready for last-minute gifts (put it in a pretty container), plus you’ll be stocked up for those frosty days of January just around the corner.

Holiday Bustle, Wheelchairs And Great Aunt Ida

7 Secrets to Getting Out and About in the Community
Whether you’re a teen on crutches after a sports injury, a senior who’s just moving slower these days, or someone who uses a wheelchair, walker or cane for mobility, a simple trip to the store is not so simple.

And this is even more true during the holidays when everything is crowded. To help you navigate the pitfalls – or to plan for Great Aunt Ida’s visit -- here are seven secrets to having a safe and successful night (or day) on the town.

Keep Your Joints Jumpin’ -- A Cheat Sheet For Knee And Hip Health

While a lot of jumping around isn’t exactly good for your joints, you can take steps to protect your joints and improve their health. Be sure to:

Foodie Friday: Guilt Free Hummus Recipe

The holiday season brings parties at work, school and home. And every gathering seems to involve food. One way not to pack on the pounds is to bring a healthy dish to share at these festive gatherings.

Guilt Free Hummus fits the bill. It's also an attractive dish to put on the table when you pair it with strips of red pepper, orange carrots, white jicama, green broccoli or other raw vegetables.
Bon appétit!

How Safe Is Your Home For Visitors?

Anyone who has fallen knows it can be scary and sometimes painful.
One in three older Americans falls each year, and every 18 seconds an older adult is treated in an emergency room for falling-related injuries.  The elderly and people with serious illnesses have certain risk factors for falling. Their eyesight, balance and strength aren’t as good as they once were. Their medications may make them weak or dizzy or blur their vision. Pain may cause them to move in an awkward or unsteady way. With holiday parties and family gatherings, now is a good time to take a look around your home, to make it as fall-proof as possible. Small changes can make a huge difference in safety.

The Minimalist Guide To Emergency Care

Only very serious health problems should bring you to an emergency room. These problems might make you think that someone will die or be severely hurt if they don’t get treatment right away.
Problems for the Emergency Department might include:

Severe bleeding
Head injuries
Passing out
Sudden vision problems *Severe trouble breathing
*Chest pain *Stroke, or stroke-like symptoms (remember F.A.S.T.)
Face: Ask the person to smile - does one side of the face droop?Arms: Ask the person to raise both arms - does one arm drift downward? Is one arm weak or numb?Speech:As the person to repeat a simple sentence. Is it repeated correctly? Is speech slurred?Time: If the person shows any of these symptoms call 911 immediately Note: those marked with * can be life-threatening and you should call 911 immediately

When to Use Urgent Care

The Zen Of Thriving During the Holidays: 5 Gifts To Give Yourself

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed during the holidays, especially for women, who take on much of the work. 

This year, don’t forget to give yourself the gift of health. Here are five things – gifts to yourself – to help you thrive during the holidays instead of just surviving:

Foodie Friday: Mulled Apple Cider Recipe

Warmth in a mug for a Friday night Who doesn’t love a cozy Friday night at home in December? Put the kids in pajamas, pop some corn, turn on one of your favorite holiday movies and hand out mugs of fragrant hot mulled cider.

Eight Surprising Clutter-Free Gifts

December 4 is known as Santa’s List Day. According to various Internet sources, it’s either the day Santa makes his naughty/nice list or the last day children have to get their lists in the mail to the North Pole.
But in the spirit of helping you keep your holiday stress-free, here are a few surprising items that might just fit the bill for people on your list.

De-Stress: 10 Ideas That Really Work

Every year December seems busier and busier. .. and the to-do list gets longer and longer. Here are 10 proven strategies for dealing with stress. Pick one or two that make sense for you, and give them a try.