Holiday Bustle, Wheelchairs And Great Aunt Ida

7 Secrets to Getting Out and About in the Community

Whether you’re a teen on crutches after a sports injury, a senior who’s just moving slower these days, or someone who uses a wheelchair, walker or cane for mobility, a simple trip to the store is not so simple.

And this is even more true during the holidays when everything is crowded. To help you navigate the pitfalls – or to plan for Great Aunt Ida’s visit -- here are seven secrets to having a safe and successful night (or day) on the town.

1.  Plan the outing. Call ahead for accessibility, assistance you may need, as well as available places to sit and rest.

2.  Plan for extra time to do things and get places, such as allowing extra time to cross the street or a parking lot.

3.  Use available community resources to conserve your energy: a wheelchair if you will need to do a lot of walking, or a motorized cart in the grocery store.

4.  Be careful of changes in surfaces, such as gravel, sand, carpet, slick floors or unmarked curbs.

5.  Scan the floor for wet areas.

6.  Be aware of narrow doorways and narrow aisles. Allow extra room to maneuver your wheelchair or electric cart so you do not bump into obstacles.

7.  Be aware of your surroundings, especially items on the floor or small children, animals, or people in a hurry running around.

Whether it's a family member recovering from an illness, an elderly relative, or just to help yourself navigate the crowds, find a full list of tips from Glancy Rehabilitation Center at


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