The Zen Of Thriving During the Holidays: 5 Gifts To Give Yourself

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed during the holidays, especially for women, who take on much of the work. 

This year, don’t forget to give yourself the gift of health. Here are five things – gifts to yourself – to help you thrive during the holidays instead of just surviving:

1. Rest up. Get plenty of sleep. Take a hot bath before bed to calm your nerves.

2. Order in. There’s nothing wrong with takeout once in a while.

3. Take a walk. Walking can be more effective than Prozac. Exercising and being out in the sun every day will do wonders.

4. Don’t give to everyone. You don’t have to buy gifts for everyone, so cross that cousin you haven’t seen in years off your list.

5. Switch to tea. Coffee makes people hyper. But green and passionflower tea are de-stressors.

While you’re enjoying that cup of tea, take a mini vacation and browse Gwinnett Medical Center’s Pinterest boards for healthy meal ideas, ways to spiff up your exercise routine and more. 


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