The One Thing You Need to Improve Your Health

If you can only do one thing to improve your health, this is it.

And it happens in bed….

Get your zzzzzz on.
Scientists’ research is showing a very strong relationship between sleep quality and physical and mental health.
That relationship runs two ways, in fact. Poor sleep can worsen diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and other chronic conditions, says an editorial in the Archives of Internal Medicine. And poor health, in turn, disturbs healthy sleep patterns.
One particularly sleepy group is teenagers. Typically portrayed as heavy sleepers, today’s teens are instead suffering from sleep deprivation. The National Sleep Foundation’s 2006 sleep poll found that only one in five kids age 11 to 17 is actually getting the nine hours of shut-eye they need.
How to get your Z’s: It’s a good idea to take sleep problems seriously. If you’re chronically pooped, discuss your sleep issues with your doctor. Remedies as simple as lifestyle changes, or as complex as prescription medications, can help you sleep better.
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