Jennifer Hudson's Secrets Of Success

Jennifer Hudson shed more than 80 pounds after the August 2009 birth of her son. Since then this former American Idol "loser" and Weight Watchers spokeswoman has been one busy woman. She makes maintaining her new svelte shape look easy. 

Here's how she does it, and how you can, too. 

1.  She sticks to what worked — one of her favorite meals is turkey wings, greens and sweet potatoes

2.  She stays active — basketball, anyone?

3.  She rolls with the punches — schedule too hectic to fit in a workout? No worries - something is better than nothing

4.  She has lots of support and shares her success — her fans and fellow Weight Watchers members encourage her…Jennifer has even been known to drop in on a meeting.

Though Jennifer says she has always been comfortable with her body — big or small — she has no intentions of going back. “This is the way I want to be,” she says, “and the way I want to stay.”

Read Jennifer’s whole story at and pick up some tips to make your kitchen weight-loss-friendly. 


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