Spring Spruce-up: A Minimalist Guide To DIY Safety

Along with spring come thoughts of sprucing up the house. 
To save money or test your creativity, you may consider tackling these home improvement projects yourself.
More than 330,000 emergency room visits a year are due to injuries involving home workshop equipment, according to the Home Safety Council. 
So whether you’re painting a room or building a porch, it’s important to follow certain safety guidelines:

  • Use approved safety glasses to protect your eyes.
  • When using workshop equipment, make sure all clothing and jewelry fit closely. Remove any items that don’t (like a loose-fitting watch). Tie back your hair if it’s long.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines on hazardous substances.
  • Declare all working areas kid-free and pet-free zones. Small children  and pets should be kept far away from tools and debris.

Emergency room or urgent care center? Learn which illnesses and injuries are appropriate for each with our guide.


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