Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

The Internet, bookstores, magazines and all your relatives are full of helpful information, articles, checklists and guides about how to pull off the world’s most wonderful wedding, ever. What too often gets lost in the hullabaloo? 

The marriage.

Studies show there is a health advantage to marriage – married people seem to live longer, healthier lives. Whether it’s the companionship, having someone who cares if you exercise and eat right, or simply having a partner who nags you to get your check-ups, it’s hard to pinpoint what makes marriage better for health. But one thing’s for certain…relationship success takes work.

According to the Healthy Marriage Initiative of the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, here are some strong predictors of relationship success, excerpted from the article “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” found on the website Science of Relationships.

Commitment – It’s no surprise that those who intend to stay together are less likely to break up

Positive illusions – If you think your relationship is better than it really is, it’s okay, and may even be a good indicator of relationship success

Love – Well, of course

Network support – Having friends and family approve of and supporting your relationship contributes to long-term success

So if you’re getting hitched, just got hitched, or have been hitched for a long time, congratulations! In addition to taking a step towards happiness, you’ve taken a giant step towards better health, too.

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