1 Important Way To Keep Your Child Healthy

Keep up with childhood immunizations on the recommended schedule.

It’s National Infant Immunization Week, an annual observance to promote the benefits of immunizations and to improve the health of children. Worldwide, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we’ve reached several important milestones in controlling vaccine-preventable diseases. Here is one example:

In the 1950s, nearly every child developed measles, and unfortunately, some even died from this serious disease.
Today, few physicians just out of medical school will ever see a case of measles during their careers. While there’s a vocal fringe advocating against immunizations today, keeping the majority of children immunized helps prevent these deadly diseases from making a comeback.

In our community, the Miles & Lib Mason Children’s Associates at Gwinnett Medical Center-Lawrenceville, is one of the top immunization providers in the state of Georgia. With seven board-certified pediatricians on staff, the Miles & Lib Mason Children’s Associates provide top-quality primary care and well-child care to children from birth to 15 years of age.

To make an appointment at the Miles & Lib Mason Children’s Associates, call 770-822-6360.


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