Foodie Friday: 7 New Ways To Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs

Before treat-filled plastic eggs became the Easter bunny’s standard delivery, kids dyed hard-boiled eggs, and the bunny had to “hop to” to make sure they were hidden within an hour of when the kids would find them so that the eggs would stay cool enough for safe eating later. The week after Easter became a ritual of egg salad sandwiches and devilled eggs, too often heavy with greasy mayo.

Today hard-boiled eggs are a handy lunch box staple in many homes. With 6 grams of protein, one large hard-boiled egg also provides choline, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate and more, for fewer than 100 calories.

But, again, plain eggs lose their appeal after appearing in the lunchbox day after day.
So whether you have an abundance left over from Easter, or if you simply are ready for a new way to enjoy hard-boiled eggs, here is a week’s worth of ways to pep up this convenient, nutritious food:

Breakfast Panini: using a flour tortilla, line the center a handful of baby spinach leaves, ½ ounce of shredded Mexican cheese blend, one peeled and sliced hard-boiled egg and either cooked bacon (crumbled) or a slice of deli ham. Fold the tortilla around the filling, burrito-style and place on a preheated griddle, flipping once. Press the Panini flat with a spatula so that the ingredients heat through and the cheese melts. (Or use a Panini griddle, if you have one).

Sliced Smiles: peel and slice one hard-boiled egg into slices about ¼ inch thick. Lay them flat on a plate and decorate each with a thin curved line of mustard (for the mouth) and two dots (for the eyes). Serve with crackers or toast cut into sticks, cucumber rounds or baby carrots. Toddlers will love this finger food meal!

Egg and Soup: Heat up a broth-based noodle soup. Add a dash of soy sauce and a drop of sesame oil. Stir to combine. Ladle into bowls. Peel and slice a hard-boiled egg and lay a few slices on top of each bowl. A sprinkle of chopped scallions, and a dash of hot sauce are optional.

Chopped Salad: chop seasonal vegetables, like lettuce, carrots, red pepper, broccoli, onion, etc. Add any leftover cooked vegetables (chop these, too). Toss with your favorite dressing. Cube one or more peeled hard-boiled eggs and gently fold into the salad. If you have cooked ham, turkey, salami or chicken, those can be cubed and added, too. Enjoy!

Tex-Mex Egg Salad: Peel and mash hard-boiled eggs with some light or fat-free mayo (or even use avocado instead of mayo), some diced sweet red pepper, drained and diced green chili peppers (from a can), finely chopped scallion, and minced cilantro. Add a pinch or two of cumin, salt and pepper, and salsa. Taste and adjust spice proportions as needed. Serve on a sandwich, in a tortilla or wrap with lettuce.

Fried Rice: Although fried rice is traditionally made with scrambled egg, you could peel and chop up a couple of hard-boiled eggs instead. Fried rice is an easy dish to make if you have some leftovers in the refrigerator (leftover rice (white or brown), cooked vegetables, some chicken/beef/pork/seafood/tofu).
Here are the basics: Chop the leftovers into cubes about ½-inch in size. Set these aside for now. Dice one onion and saute it in a little oil in a large nonstick wok or skillet. When the onion is translucent, add the chopped leftovers. Stir fry until they are heated through. Add 1 to 2 cups leftover rice, and stir fry 2-3 minutes. Add 1 – 2 T of soy sauce to the wok/skillet and continue stir-frying until the rice is coated. Taste for seasoning and add more soy sauce if needed. Finally add the chopped egg and stir gently so they don’t get mashed up. Heat through and serve with chopsticks.

Devilled Eggs: If you still have any hard-boiled eggs left, now is the time to use them up by whipping up a plate of devilled eggs. There are as many recipes for devilled eggs as there are cooks. One idea is slice the eggs in half and scoop out the yolks into a bowl. Mash the yolk with a little light mayo, a bit of mustard and some chopped green olives with pimentos. Taste for seasonings, adding salt if needed. Using a spoon, fill each of the whites with the yolk mixture, rounding it slightly. Dust with paprika. Pretty enough to take to a party!

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