5 Ways To Save Your Skin

Finally it’s outdoor time again! Here in the Atlanta region, winter seemed to last longer than usual. So now we’re all enjoying these sparkling warm days before summer’s heat sets in...and we’re wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts, and finding another year’s aging on our skin. 

But it’s never too late. Try these five ways to protect your skin from premature aging and skin damage.

  1. Cover up and seek shade. Wear a hat, long-sleeved shirt and pants. Dark colors provide better protection than light colors.
  2. Protect your peepers. Wear sunglasses that block at least 99 percent of UVA and UVB radiation to reduce squinting, which can cause wrinkles, as well as sun damage to the eyes.
  3. Quit smoking. Smoking reduces blood flow to skin and decreases the amount of vitamins in skin.
  4. Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Keep your skin hydrated and supple by drinking plenty of water.
  5. Schedule your screenings. Make sure your doctor performs a routine skin exam, and notify your doctor if you see any changes in moles or skin spots

Your primary care physician or a dermatologist can "map your moles," creating a record of size and location of moles so that any changes can be tracked and examined more closely in years to come.

 If you don't have a physician, find one near you at gwinnettmedicalcenter.org/physician.


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