A Baker’s Dozen Tips For Summer Pregnancy

Pregnancy is great in winter – you carry around your own little heater. But in summer, especially here in the humid South, the heat can get a little overwhelming. Moms-to-be can get hot from the extra blood flow causing a higher-than-normal body temperature, plus they’re packing more pounds than usual. Here are a baker's dozen of our best tips to keep you comfortable in the summer (with that bun in the oven):

  1. Go skimpy on the salt as too much sodium can lead to swelling. (And put your feet up as often as you can.)
  2. Laze in the pool. You’ll float better than ever. (And if you have an older child he or she will have fun, too.)
  3. If you fingers start to swell, go ahead and remove your rings. There’s a risk they’ll have to be cut off if your fingers swell too much.
  4. Place a cool, damp cloth on your neck or forehead to cool down at home.
  5. If it’s too hot outside, go to a mall to get in some walking time.
  6. Drink plenty of cool fluids, including juice, milk or sports drinks to replace the electrolytes you’re sweating away.
  7. Wear loose-fitting, light-colored breathable clothing.
  8. Use higher SPF sunscreens to minimize the risk of developing a “mask of pregnancy” facial discoloration
  9. Stay out of the midday heat. Walk, run errands, etc., in the morning or evening when it’s cooler
  10. Ditch the skimpy flip-flops for more supportive shoes, and have your feet measured again. Pregnancy can cause feet to enlarge up to half a size larger than before.
  11. The heat can wear down your energy when you’re pregnant, so plan ahead, ask for help, and leave things undone if you’re too tired. Take frequent naps if you can.
  12. Be especially wary of typical potluck foods such as potato salad and coleslaw which can go bad quickly in the summer heat.
  13. Go ahead and use these too-hot-to-stir days to take classes on childbirth, caring for an infant, car seat safety and more. Find a full list at gwinnettmedicalcenter.org/classes.


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