Foodie Friday: One Habit Change – And It’s Not Smoking – That Can Have A Big Impact On Your Health

Nearly every American fervently backs one of two parties. No, we’re not talking about Republicans or Democrats. We’re talking about Coke or Pepsi. But even a divided country can agree on one thing: We Americans love our soda. In fact, carbonated soft drinks account for nearly 7 percent of the calories in our diet, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

But drinking too much soda can have harmful effects on our health, including obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. Although it is unnecessary to avoid soda completely, try cutting back to no more than one per day. Opt instead for water, low-fat milk or iced tea.

It’s National Iced Tea Month! What better way to celebrate than replacing sugary sodas with healthier iced tea. Think you don’t like tea? Try brewing, then icing an herbal tea blend, like blueberry. Or mix little juice into your black or green tea. Or why not ice down a spicy chai tea and include a splash of milk for richness. 

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