9 Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Healthy Food

If you can start a healthy habit when you’re young, it will be yours for life. But sometimes it’s hard getting your kids to eat healthy foods. If you disguise healthy food as something fun or new, your kids will be more excited about eating it, and maybe will even realize that they like the healthy stuff!

Here are nine smart, fun snacks and meals:
  1. Bagel snake: Split mini bagels in half then cut each side in half. Spread the halves with toppings such as tuna salad, egg salad or peanut butter. Decorate with sliced cherry tomatoes or banana slices. Arrange the half circles to form the body of a snake. Use olives or raisins for the eyes.
  2. English muffin pizza: Take one side of an English muffin and top with tomato sauce, chopped veggies and low-fat mozzarella cheese. Heat until the cheese is melted.
  3. Smiley sandwiches: Take a slice of bread and top with peanut butter. Use an apple slice for a smile and raisins for eyes.
  4. Frozen bananas: Put a wooden stick into a peeled banana. (If bananas are large, cut in half first.) Wrap in plastic wrap and freeze. Once frozen, peel off the plastic and enjoy.
  5. Potato pal: Take half a small baked potato and use peas for eyes, a halved cherry tomato for a nose, and a low-fat cheese wedge as a smile. Be creative, you’ll be surprised at how many foods can turn into eyes, noses and smiles!
  6. Frozen graham cracker sandwiches: Mix mashed bananas and peanut butter, spread between graham crackers and freeze.
  7. Fruit smoothies: Blend fresh or frozen fruit with yogurt and milk/juice. Try 100 percent orange juice, low-fat yogurt and frozen strawberries.
  8. Frozen juice cups: Pour 100 percent fruit juice into small paper cups. Freeze. To serve, peel off the paper and eat.
  9. Ants on a log: Thinly spread peanut butter on narrow celery sticks. Top with a row of raisins or other diced dried fruit.

Do you have any fun and healthy snacks that your children enjoy? Share with us in a comment.
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