Why Take Risks? Essential Eye Safety Information

Your eyes. They allow you to see the soft glow of a sunrise and the first steps of your child. They also enable you to drive a car, watch television and enjoy countless other activities. So why risk your sight?

This time of year, many people undertake home repair, yard cleanup and sports. Be sure to protect your eyes during these activities. A quarter of a million Americans suffer eye injuries annually, and more than half of these injuries occur in the home.

Wear safety glasses (marked with “ANSI Z87.1” on the lens or frame) during remodeling and yard projects, even while mowing the lawn. Stones and debris sent flying can damage eyes.

When outdoors, wear sunglasses or goggles that block 99 percent of ultraviolet A and B radiation. The sun’s rays can harm the eyes or even cause photokeratitis – comparable to sun burning the eyeball.

Closely supervise craft projects. Kids’ creative use of household items like coat hangers, glue and pencils puts them at a greater risk of eye injury.

Leave the fireworks to the professionals. Every year, fireworks accidents account for 2,400 eye injuries, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

July is eye safety month. Share this article with someone you care about – you might be saving their eyesight.

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