Four Weeks To Lower Cholesterol Part 2

High blood cholesterol puts you at risk for heart disease. You can’t change your age, gender, or family history, three determining factors in your risk for high cholesterol. But you can change lifestyle factors to lower your cholesterol.

Week 2: Cut Out Bad Foods

To lower LDL cholesterol, cut out unhealthy foods.

Avoid animal fat, eggs, butter, cheese and trans fat. Trans fats, which also masquerade under the name “partially hydrogenated oils” on food labels, are often found in fried foods and commercial baked goods, such as doughnuts, cookies and cakes.

The AHA advises keeping your fat intake between 25 percent and 35 percent of the total calories in your daily diet; of that, saturated fat should be less than 7 percent and trans fat less than 1 percent.

Don’t be too strict. Don’t give up everything you love. An occasional cookie or hamburger is OK. Focus on moderation with special treats.

Join us next Monday for Week 3. Follow this link if you missed Part 1.


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