Four Weeks To Lower Cholesterol Part 3

More than 106 million adults in the U.S. have high-risk or borderline high-risk cholesterol levels, according to the American Heart Association. Take another step this week to lower your risk for heart disease.

Week 3: Add Healthy Foods
Well done! You’ve taken important steps to eliminate unhealthy foods in your diet. Now it’s time to add foods high in nutritional value.
Choose a high-fiber diet. Start with oatmeal for breakfast, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and try to incorporate more beans, soy protein, and whole grain rice and pasta.
In addition, eat fish such as salmon, mackerel or tuna a few times a week for its healthy omega-3 fatty acids and a handful of nuts like almonds every couple of days.

Learn how to eat healthy for life. Gwinnett Medical Center’s Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center offers Diet by Design. In Diet by Design, one of our registered dietitians can work with you to develop a customized nutrition plan to meet your specific needs. Call 678-312-6040 to speak with one of registered dieticians or visit for more information.

Join us next Monday for Week 4. Follow these links for part 1 and part 2.


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