Engage Your Brain: 6 Tips For Better Brain Health

Your brain plays a critical role in every area of your life—from learning, working and playing, to personality, aptitude and memory.

It is very much like a muscle with the ability to be strengthened. Just like physical activity and proper nutrition contribute to overall health, a few simple lifestyle choices can maximize your brain health.

Consider the following tips to keep your brain functioning at its best:

1 - Think critically.
Solving puzzles is a great way to improve critical thinking. Sudoku is a puzzle game that relies heavily on logic and reasoning. The point is to place numbers from 1 to 9 in each empty box so that none of the numbers repeat within the columns, rows or any of the smaller boxes. Try solving the puzzle included in this article!
2 - Move.
Regular physical activity improves your mood and memory. It also promotes the healing of damaged nerve cells in the brain. Walking in your neighborhood, local park or shopping mall is all that is needed. Volunteering for an organization can also help to keep you active.
3 - Read.
Whether it is the newspaper or a novel, reading daily is a great way to exercise the mind, as your brain processes and interprets the information on a page.
4 - Eat foods rich in antioxidants.
Antioxidants are molecules found in a variety of foods, but are especially rich in berries. Consuming foods rich in antioxidants can contribute to a healthy brain and may help reduce the risk, or slow the progression, of dementia. Overall proper nutrition protects memory and learning functions in the brain.
5 - Learn.
When you challenge your brain by learning a new skill, new brain cells are formed. This process contributes to a healthy level of brain functioning! Engage your mind by learning a craft, building a project, taking a new class, leaning a new language or visiting a museum.
6 - Relax.
Constant stress has a negative effect on your memory. When under a lot of stress, excess amounts of cortisol, a hormone released in the brain, can impair your memory. A great way to reduce your stress level is to engage in activities that bring you joy and laughter, or exercise. These behaviors release endorphins, which are chemical messengers in the brain that can make you feel happier and more relaxed.

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