What Your Hair Says About Your Health

Don’t you hate bad hair days? Whether caused by frizz, flatness or an unexplainable kink, we all have them now and again. But beyond putting you in a foul mood, what is your hair saying about your health?

If it’s…..falling out
It might mean… you recently had a major illness or surgery. You have an over- or underactive thyroid. You’re taking a medication that causes hair loss. Or you have an underlying condition, such as lupus or diabetes.

If it’s…limp, not shiny

It might mean…you’re not getting enough nutrients in your diet. Fill your plate with heart- and hair-healthy foods such as salmon, dark green vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains.

If it’s…brittle, dry
It might mean…you may be getting too much sun. Wear a hat or use hair care products with sun protection. Or you may be overstyling with heat and chemicals.

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