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Foodie Friday: Packing A Better Brown Bag (Lunch, That Is) #ThisIsNow

Experts predict that nearly half of all U.S. children will be obese in the next few years. It’s no wonder when you consider what they’re eating, and what we adults are eating. Pizza, soda and baked goods are the top three sources of calories for most American children, reports the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. That means 40 percent of their daily calories are from fat and sugar. One way to help control what goes into our bodies, is by packing a lunch.
Amp up the nutritional benefits – for you or your children – with these better-for-you substitutions:
Instead of: PB&J on white bread

3 Habits Men Have Right

While women may appear to have all the answers when it comes to living a long, healthy life, there are a few habits they can learn from men. According to Debbie Mandel, author of Addicted to Stress: A Woman’s 7-Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life, here are three habits men have right:
1.  Men use their free time to unwind. “If a man has a few minutes to spare, he puts his feet up,” Mandel says. “Women look to their to-do list instead of relaxing.”

Upcoming Community Classes, Events And Support Groups at GMC

Want to… understand more about stroke? Manage your diabetes better? Prepare big brother or sister for a new baby?
All these classes and more will be offered in November at Gwinnett Medical Center. If a registration number is not listed, please call 678-312-5000 to register, or register online at
Scroll to the bottom of the list to see ongoing support groups. A full list of support groups is available here.

Gwinnett Takes on Diabetes

Foodie Friday: October Pumpkin Soup

Who doesn’t love fall with its colorful leaves, crisp air and abundance of pumpkins? The recipe, below, calls for canned pumpkin puree, so you can make it year-round.

Pumpkin Soup

Serves 4

5 Myths about Physical Therapy....Busted!

by Becky Thompson, PT, CSCS

October is National Physical Therapy Month, so to celebrate, here are some myths – and myth-busters – about this important part of medical care: Myth: Unless it hurts, it’s not helping. Busted: Instead of “no pain, no gain,” it should be “no strain, no gain.” If physical therapy is done correctly, you should feel better for the experience, understand your pain, and learn how to work around rather than through the discomfort. Myth: Physical therapy takes too much time.

Beyond Traditional Walls: GMC Faith Community Nursing

It’s Pastoral Care Week, and one of the ways Gwinnett Medical Center provides pastoral care is through our Faith Community Nursing program. 

Begun in 1994, Gwinnett Medical Center’s Faith Community Nursing department works to enhance wellness for the people of Gwinnett County and beyond. Generally, Faith Community nurses work within specific congregations, but here are a few who work in nontraditional settings:

Stone Mountain Park

Foodie Friday: Vegetarian Protein 101 #ThisIsNow

When vegetarianism first started rising in popularity in the United States, experts advised specific combinations of foods to get “complete” amino acids. Today, we know that vegetarians don’t have to work so hard to get their protein. Even vegans (those who eat no animal products including eggs and milk) can get the protein they need without too much effort.
Actually, according to some sources, the average American eats about 50% more protein than the recommended daily amount, so switching some meals to vegetarian might make sense, even if you don’t want to go fully vegetarian. Most adults need 40 – 70 grams of protein each day, depending on age, gender and situation (average 46 grams/day for women, 56 grams/day for men).
Here are some protein sources to consider:

4 Surprising Ways To Defy Your Age

If you’re loyal to your moisturizer and wrinkle cream, that’s fine. But there are ways to look and feel younger from the inside out. Jamila Brown, a health education specialist for Gwinnett Medical Center's Health Education & Wellness Services, offers these suggestions:

Kidney Stones: Then And Now

The term kidney stone can bring back painful memories for those who have experienced one. These painful pebbles are one of the most common urinary tract disorders, causing more than half a million visits to the emergency room each year.
What is a Kidney Stone?
A kidney stone is a hard mass that develops from crystals that separate

Foodie Friday: Tailgating Favorites – Wings And Blue Cheese Dip

Football season with tailgating or munchies on the couch at home is a lot of fun – but not always so fun for your heart health. 
Here are two favorites, lightened up, but still very full of flavor. The buffalo wings are baked, not fried, and the light blue cheese dip is equally as delicious on vegetable sticks as it is on wings:

Knee Repair Primer: Comparing ACL Surgical Techniques

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are all too common both on the field and off, no matter what your age. Luckily, today there are a range of treatments, including surgery which can often help repair the damage. Plus, therapy techniques (and continuing exercises) can keep the leg muscles strong to support the repaired ligament. 
But when we talk about ACL surgery, what do we mean?
Basically, there are two types of ACL surgery: if you have an injured ACL, ask your doctor which would be best for you.
Single-Bundle ACL Surgery

Don’t Believe These 7 Breast Cancer Myths

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so it’s a great time to dispel some of the most common myths about this disease.
1 - A lump in my breast means cancer, and I’m going to die
Many lumps in the breast are benign (not cancerous). They could be cysts, fibroadenoma, or pre-cancerous conditions that need treatment.
Years ago when there were fewer screenings and fewer treatment alternatives, breast cancer too often became fatal. But now, with screening mammograms, monthly self exams and annual clinical exams, we’re catching breast cancer in its earlier stages, before it can spread or metastasize. In these earlier stages, treatment is most effective.  And treatments have come a long way, too. Currently, if caught early, up to 98 percent of women survive at least five years – a very good rate!
2 - Treatment always means mastectomy and painful chemo/radiation

Foodie Friday: Drink Your Breakfast -- #ThisIsNow

In 1964 Carnation Instant Breakfast hit the grocery store shelves. Hip teens, busy moms and kids of all ages loved drinking something resembling a milkshake for breakfast.  This type of protein-and-vitamin-enhanced drink was, and still is, considered a healthy, fast alternative to the traditional eggs and cereal of the American breakfast table.
Today, while powders you can buy to add to milk or juice are certainly still popular ways to drink your breakfast, there are many almost-as-fast alternatives that you can make from fresh ingredients.
So get out your blender, and try one or more of these ideas. The recipes aren’t exact, so you can customize them to your taste and nutritional preferences:

14 Tips For Those First Quit Days

Wouldn’t you like to give up stained teeth, increased facial wrinkles, low energy, holes burned in your clothes, bad breath and a generally bad aroma?
October is Healthy Lung Month, so now is the perfect time to kick the “sticks.” Here are 14 tips to help you get through those first difficult days:
Start a list of reasons you want to quit smoking