4 Surprising Ways To Defy Your Age

If you’re loyal to your moisturizer and wrinkle cream, that’s fine. But there are ways to look and feel younger from the inside out. Jamila Brown, a health education specialist for Gwinnett Medical Center's Health Education & Wellness Services, offers these suggestions:

Stop smoking. “Smoking actually ages you,” she says, noting that smoking is bad for your heart, increases cancer risk and exacerbates osteoporosis. “If you want to go through early menopause,” she adds, “take up smoking.”

Skip alcohol. Consuming alcohol, Brown says, is simply not good for you. It increases your risk of breast cancer and liver disease, and the calories contribute to weight gain.

Get enough calcium and vitamin D. Many women are deficient in calcium and vitamin D, she explains, noting that it’s fine to get these nutrients in supplement form.

Start young. “It’s never too early to start healthy habits,” she says. “The things you do in early life affect you later in life. … If you don’t have your health, you don’t have your happiness.”

Plus, to defy your age, we all know we should eat a healthy and balanced diet and get regular exercise, but there’s also laughing, spending time with friends and family, and dancing like no one’s watching! All of these will help keep you young inside and out.

Having regular check-ups and getting the recommended screenings for your age can help you defy the clock, too. To find a physician near you, visit gwinnettmedicalcenter.org/physician or call 678-312-5000.


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