Foodie Friday: Become Your Home's Celebrity Chef #ThisIsNow

In the old days, celebrity chefs were all about butter and rich sauces. Today, while big-name chefs don’t always pay attention to healthy habits in their TV kitchens, whenever a chef talks about what he or she eats at home….that’s a different story.  

Unless a celebrity chef eats healthily on a regular basis, the energy needed for TV and writing cookbooks just won’t be there. 

Here are some tips from the best. With a little strategic planning, you can cook like the pros and still promote a more nutrition-friendly environment in your home.

Use real ingredients. It may be easier to reach for prepackaged and processed foods, but they are full of unhealthy ingredients you can’t pronounce and usually cost more than fresh (or frozen) food.

Control portions. Good food doesn’t mean deprivation. By savoring smaller amounts of something you really enjoy, you can still indulge on occasion. It’s better to enjoy a sliver of full-fat cake than to suffer through a big, low-fat muffin.

Season soundly. Experiment with ways to make your food tasty without adding a lot of fat, salt or calories. Try fresh herbs or a splash of lemon juice instead of salt. Use mustard or Greek yogurt instead of mayo. Switch to low-fat dairy products, especially for ingredients you use mostly in recipes. Think in terms of layering flavors – browning the onions before you add the meat, or adding dried spices to long-cooking dishes, then topping with fresh herbs before serving.

Looking for healthier recipes for the holidays? Find them on Gwinnett Medical Center’s Pinterest Boards, where we’ve collected some of the best ones from across the world.


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