Foodie Friday: Homemade Gifts In Jars

Browse Pinterest these days and you’ll see that Mason jars are “in,” especially as containers for gifts. Many of these craft ideas are suitable for the kids to do (depending on their ages) and would make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends or family.

Be sure to start with clean, dry jars with lids. You can re-purpose food jars for many of these.

Here are some general categories with a few specific examples. Use your imagination to come up with ones that suit the folks on your gift list.

Ingredients in a Jar

Layer the dry ingredients and attach a tag with the recipe, including what fresh ingredients to add and cooking time. If you prefer, you can put each ingredient into a separate zipper bag and layer the bags. For instance, your gift can be a mixed-bean soup (different beans, spices and granular soup base), a cookie recipe (sugar, flour and chocolate chips), hot cocoa mix (with marshmallows) or a quick bread (flour, sugar, spices and nuts).

Baked Goods in a Jar
Anything you can bake in small portions can probably be baked in a Mason jar. There are recipes for brownies, tarts, French toast, and more on the Internet.  The beauty of baking something in a jar is that the gift of one item feels complete, whereas if you just wrapped one brownie, it might not feel so special.

Bath Salts in a Jar
Create bath salts (2 cups Epsom or Dead Sea salt, 1-2 teaspoons baking soda. Optional ingredients: 10-12 drops essential oil and/or a few drops of food coloring. Mix well.) You can also divide the mixture into smaller bowls before adding different colors of food coloring, then layer the different-colored salt in the jar for a pretty effect.) Attach a note with instructions for use.

Body Butter in a Jar
Use your kitchen mixer, with the whisk attachment to whip air into coconut oil or shea butter. You can add a few drops of vitamin E oil and/or essential oils if you want.  The process takes about six or seven minutes. Spoon into the jar, type or print a list of ingredients and your gift is ready!

Find more fun gifts-in-a-jar ideas and specific recipes at Gwinnett Medical Center’s Homemade Gifts Pinterest board.


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