Be A Hero On ML King Day

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, even if you have to work, there’s something you can do that will make a difference:  donate blood.

While donating blood isn’t as high-profile as building a house or feeding the hungry, donating blood is a safe and simple procedure that takes only about half an hour. And generally, any healthy adult can donate. 

After your blood has been collected, it is sent for testing to a lab. Once it’s passed this screening, it is usually separated into different components, which means you’ll be helping several patients. Your blood may be used to save as many as three other people! For instance, your red blood cells may be used to help treat a teen with sickle cell anemia. Your platelets might help a person undergoing treatment for leukemia. And your plasma may help a patient undergoing surgery.

Not sure where to go to donate blood? The American Red Cross has blood donation centers in our region, as does LifeSouth.  

Help GMC continue to transform healthcare in our region. The Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation funds programs, services and capital expansion projects through charitable contributions. You can be a part of this transformation! Learn more at


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