Foodie Friday: Fancy Salt: Is It Healthier?

Be it Hawaiian black lava salt or Himalayan pink salt, it’s still just salt, says Cris Hartley, a registered dietitian and manager of Gwinnett Medical Center’s Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center. She warns people not to get caught up in the hype of fancy salt.

“They still have the same effect on blood pressure,” she says. “There’s no nutritional advantage.”

Marketing gimmicks may lead you to believe that these “natural” salts contain additional minerals that your body will thank you for, but Hartley says a gimmick is all it is. The other minerals are too scarce to give you any extra advantage.

As for variations like sea salt and kosher salt, Hartley says these coarser versions of table salt may make a difference in how much you use. Larger granules mean it takes less to get the same salt flavor.

Watching your salt? Get all the facts, including exactly how salt raises your blood pressure, in this Vim & Vigor magazine article, Breaking up with Salt.

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