Foodie Friday: How To Enjoy Summer's Long Party Without Weight Gain

Question: What begins with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day?

Answer: One long party. With picnics, cookouts, tailgates, barbeques, pool parties, get-togethers, vacations and holidays, summer is one event after another, all centered on food.

So what’s a weight-conscious person to do?

Here are some tips to enjoy those summer events without the weight gain:

Think water:

  • Add sparkling water to lighten up wine into a wine spritzer.
  • Add some ice cubes to cool it down.
  • Alternate glasses of water with your alcoholic beverages to control liquid calories.
  • Keep a pitcher of water chilled in the fridge, and remember to drink it.
  • Add slices of fruit (or even cucumber) to the water, to give it a fresh new taste (Kids will love this).
  • For fun, freeze grapes and add them to your water to keep it cool.
  • Try sparkling water with a splash of juice.

Think vegetables:

  • Summer’s bounty includes ripe tomatoes, sweet corn, crisp new lettuce, crunchy cucumbers and more.
  • Layer slices of fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet onion, for a sturdy take-along salad.
  • Roast chunks of summer squash, zucchini or other vegetables with Italian spices for a side dish that’s good hot, cold or at room temperature.
  • Prewash whole heads of lettuce and store them in the fridge so salad prep takes just minutes.

Think fruit:

  • Melt dark chocolate and drizzle it on whole ripe strawberries for a party dessert.
  • Thread skewers with chunks of melon, berries and/or grapes for a fun picnic treat.
  • Give the kids little bowls of vanilla yogurt for dipping slices of fresh fruit.
  • Carry sturdy fresh fruit, like apples, on hikes to quench both thirst and hunger on the trail.
  • When you buy a whole melon, spend a few minutes cutting it into chunks and storing them in individual serving-size containers for grab-and-go days.
  • If you're on vacation, remember most grocery stores have ready-to-eat fruit in the produce section.

Plan to move:

  • If you’ll be at a ballpark, wear comfortable shoes and walk between innings.
  • Cheering for your favorite team? Then really cheer, jump up and down, dance in the stands, move as much as you can without embarrassing your kids.
  • Take a flying disc or a football to the family reunion. Start the game instead of handing the game off to your kids.
  • Set up croquet or badminton on the grass, either at home or at the park. Start a family tradition of having a tournament. 
  • Swim in the pool instead of lounging on the chairs.
  • Walk on the beach with your sweetheart, your kids or just by yourself.
  • Jump the waves.
  • Chase the dog.
  • Play tag with the kids.

Enjoy your summer, with no regrets when fall rolls around!

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