Having Surgery? IMPACT Evaluation FAQs

While not all patients are sent for IMPACT evaluation before surgery, your physician may send you to the IMPACT program if...

You are scheduled for a higher-risk surgery, such as joint replacement, vascular surgery or a surgery with long operating times, and/or

You are at moderate to high risk for surgery complications because of an underlying condition.

IMPACT stands for Internal Medicine Preoperative Assessment, Consultant and Treatment, and this program is designed to help evaluate your readiness for surgery. In addition, it helps the GMC staff keep you safe and reduces your risk of problems during and after surgery.

At your IMPACT appointment, a health care provider will
  • Discuss your medical history
  • Perform a physical examination
  • Discuss which medications you should or should not take before and immediately after surgery
  • Order any additional tests that may be necessary to ensure it is safe to proceed with surgery
  • Discuss your surgery with the surgeon or anesthesiologist, as necessary

FAQ: How Do I Prepare for my IMPACT Visit?

You can prepare for your IMPACT appointment by 
  • Bringing a current list of your medications and any over-the-counter medications and supplements you take. Include these details:
    • Name of medication, supplement
    • Dosage in milligrams
    • Number of pills you take at a time
    • How often you take them
  • Bringing your preferred pharmacy’s name, phone and fax numbers
  • Bringing your primary care physicians and specialists’ names, phone and fax numbers
  • If you have had any evaluation outside of Gwinnett Medical Center for a possible stroke, heart disease or lung disease, please call us to find out which documents to bring
  • And bring any other medical records that you feel would be important for documenting major medical evaluations

FAQ: Where do I go for my IMPACT visit?

The IMPACT program is a service of Gwinnett Medical Center and is available in both Lawrenceville and Duluth. If you have any questions or concerns, please call:

IMPACT at Academic Internal Medicine Partners
A service of Gwinnett Medical Center
665 Duluth Highway, Suite 401
Phone: 678-312-0450

Pre-Admission Testing
Hudgens Professional Building
3855 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite 330
Phone: 678-312-0450

For more information on the IMPACT program, including additional FAQ, visit gwinnettmedicalcenter.org.


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