How to Get Your Workout In: Tips From Real Moms

By Jessica Poole, Certified Athletic Trainer

It’s almost time for summer break.

Cue the kids’ boredom, whines and Popsicles-- loads of Popsicles.

So with the days getting long and the babies at home, what happens to your workout? Does it disappear? Go into overdrive? Succumb to road trips, play dates or plain old boredom?

Well, today I have some tips brought to you by my girlfriends who are moms.  These are honest mom responses, so glean from their wisdom and rest assured, we are all in the same boat, with little time and fast growing kids….

When the kids are out of school, how do you get your workouts in?

“I take them to the playground and try to run around or do pull ups on the jungle gym. I also go to the gym at 5:30 a.m. before the kids and the husband get up.” 
--Lisa, mom of two, ages 4 &1

“We take family walks at the local elementary school or church now the weather is nicer.”
--Susan, mom of two, ages 3 & 1

“My girl rides her scooter while I run or we mountain bike and hike together. Sometimes my husband and I trade one-on-one time with her so the other can get in some exercise. I have also been known to swim laps while she has swim lessons.”
--Kristy, mom of 8 yr old.

“I use the elliptical, Swiss ball for core work, do squats, burpies and jumping jacks all while watching Netflix or Hulu.”
--Claire,  mom of three, ages 11, 10 & 1

“I will use the elliptical while they are safely occupied (naps, play time, etc). We go for walks around our community. I’ve also gotten on kicks where I use You Tube workout videos and the kids will dance with me while I work out.”
--Jennifer, mom of two, ages 4 &2

“I extend our walks around the neighborhood or use a workout video. Usually I have to wait until the kids are in bed.”
--Mary, mom of two, ages 4 & 2

“I get up when my husband gets up at 5:15 a.m. I can get in a run, do 10-minute ab workout and 10 minutes of weight training. I can get that in before he leaves.”
--Ashley, mom of two, ages 12 & 14

“My little rides her scooter as I run and then we play together. I also use workout videos at home. My gym has childcare so I sometimes take her when I go there.”
--Amanda, mom of a 4 year old

“I get up before my girl -- sometimes that is 5 a.m. I take a nap when she does.”
--Jackie, mom of a 2 year old

“I either get up before they do and work out  or have them in the room with me while I work out.”
--Lindsey, mom of two

“I usually park downtown and we go for walks along the river. We stop off and play at the park and picnic, then walk back to the car. My guy loves to explore, so that helps keep me active.”
--Jen, mom of two

And my personal advice:
I work out before they are up. This doesn’t happen all the time, but I try and that is the most important thing for me. I cut myself some slack when it doesn’t happen.

I also rarely sit during the day: I’m always busy doing something. When the kids are home, we go out and play. We have family sports we enjoy. They both love to play soccer, so all four of us play soccer, and the one-year-old makes sure we chase the ball a lot. We wrestle and run and swing and slide.

In the summer we are swimming, walking at the zoo and aquarium. We go on golf cart rides and walk a good ways to feed the ducks. I also take the kids with me and they do what I do. They are so cute doing yoga. My girl loves it and my one-year-old guy is adorable striking a warrior pose. He roars.

So, get creative, and get those kids moving with you. It’s as good for them as it is for you.

Stay tuned for my next post, when I will offer more encouragement on getting that workout in with the kids out of school.

Stay healthy my friends.

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