6 Ways Bicycling Makes You Healthier (Plus Local Trails To Try)

For kids of all ages, even the ones who are actually grown-ups, riding a bicycle is a lot of fun. But did you know it offers more benefits than just stronger legs? 

Here are six ways bicycling can make you healthier:

One: Cycling is heart healthy. 
As you boost your cardiovascular fitness, your risk of stroke and heart disease will decline.

Two: Cycling is muscle healthy. 
Of course cycling tones and builds muscles in your lower body, but for those who need low-impact exercise because of joint conditions or injuries, cycling is often the perfect cardio exercise.

Three: Cycling is weight healthy.  
Cycling burns calories, which helps you keep your weight under control.

Four: Cycling is coordination healthy. 
Riding a bicycle outdoors helps keep your coordination and balance in practice, which can help prevent falls as you age.

Five: Cycling is mood healthy. 
Cycling, like other forms of exercise, has been shown to help improve mental health, including lowering anxiety and levels of stress.

Six: Cycling is immune system healthy
Whatever exercise gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping will boost your immune system.

When you’re ready to hit the pavement, grab your helmet and try out these local cycling trails, many of which are suitable for the whole family

In the meantime, check your knowledge about cycling with our short online quiz.


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