Active Vacation Ideas Your Family Will Love: Part I

By Jessica Poole, Certified Athletic Trainer

Hello summer!

Gallons of lemonade, sweet tea, watermelon and ice cream.

And vacation.

Most of us try to get out of town and enjoy the warmer weather or seek cooler temps. While we are seeking rest and relaxation, a lot of us are also trying to maintain our healthy lifestyle.

Getting in some exercise is not hard if you plan ahead and you may even find some new activities to enjoy that are exclusive to your vacation destination. Several years ago, way before kids, my husband and I fell in love with snorkeling and sea kayaking. We actually lost weight on vacation!! What a dream, we returned home rested, relaxed, tanned and healthier!

Hopefully you will find today’s tips helpful in maintaining your activity even on vacation.

Plan ahead

With a little research and planning you can find fun ways to maintain your exercise routines. Many vacation destinations have lots of access to exercise venues, if you take the time to look for them.

Research your destination: Resorts offer many amenities, from water sports to gyms and spas. Find out what your resort has to offer. If you are not going to a hotel or resort, research the area. The area where we vacation has biking and walking paths, several state parks with hiking and biking trails, and plenty of water sports to entertain us all week. I don’t know what your regular fitness includes, but for me a mountain trail, pool or the ocean offers a fun change of pace.

City guides: If you are venturing to a city, go online and type in the city name and different activities, such as hiking, walking or running trails. Runners World magazine offers running guides for most major cities. Many suburbs and cities offer greenways for running and walking, so follow the locals’ lead and take advantage of these.

Rental equipment: Most vacation destinations or state parks offer rental equipment for your use. For a fee, sometimes a small fee, you can rent bicycles, paddle boards (our new favorite activity at the beach), kayaks, paddle boats, etc. Sometimes equipment usage is already included in your travel fees. For instance, we had a credit with our resort for bikes, kayaks and paddle boards.

Pack your gear: Take your running shoes and workout clothes so you don’t have an excuse. I pack mine on top of my other clothes so they are the first things I see when I unpack. I’m reminded to make my exercise a priority.

Stay healthy my friends!

For Part II of this post, see our June 24 blog post.

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